Budget Planning


We'll determine which events and items need to be factored into your overall budget. I’ll help you determine where you can cut costs and where you should consider spending more. You will receive your customized line item budget. 

Timeline/Checklist Planning


We'll plan your Master Wedding To-Do List. If you've not already done so, we'll set dates. This enables us to map out a realistic timeline. You will receive your customized timeline/checklist. 

Day-Of Itinerary Planning


I’ll help you determine what things should happen at what time on the day of your wedding. This includes what time your photographer and other vendors should arrive and when you should start getting ready. You will receive your customized itinerary. 

Event Styling


I'll make sure your theme is consistent. Together we'll consider color selection, decorations, and the overall mood that you'd like to set for your event. We’ll create a detailed list of ideas and tips for fulfilling them, including assembly instructions. You will receive your customized materials and shopping list as well as a list of substitution options. 

DIY Assistance


Need help assembling the 150 favors, the 25 centerpieces, the signs, the paper crane feature, or the bouquets? Whatever your project is, I can help you get it done. 
(Price is per one hour appointment and does not include the cost of crafting supplies.)

Personal Shopper


Supply me with a detailed list of items you need, I'll pick them up, save you the stress, and all you have to do is cover the bill. 
(Price is per trip and does not include the cost of the items, additional fees will apply.)

Wedding Advocate


I will attend your appointments with you (or for you) to advocate for you. Whether it's your caterer or your seamstress, I can make sure you get what you want and keep you under budget. 
(Price is per appointment.)

Would you like to book one of these services? Please send me a message including a list of all the services that you are interested in. I will contact you to set up a date/time to meet. You will receive an estimate before our meeting and an invoice at our meeting. All services require a signed contract before the service can be completed. There is a deposit required at the time of signing the contract.