Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Should I Spend?

A question I see all the time is: “How much should I spend on X?”. X can be catering, a photographer, invitations or any number of other things.  I learn a lot about what you need from that question and it’s a lot more than what you’re asking. If you’re asking how much can you spend on this X part of the wedding, it really means that you don’t have your budget broken down and allocated, you probably don’t know what to spend on any part of the wedding and you’ve gotten to one of the bigger expenses and you are amazed at how much it costs. You could be way overspending in one area and be cutting yourself short in another.


This is why it is vital to set your budget first. Once you know how much you can spend overall, then we can work out how and where to spend that money wisely.


After setting a budget cap I have two questions for my clients.


The first question is: about how many people are going to be on the guest list? There’s a pretty big difference between 50 people and 100 when accounting for catering, drinks or favors. The more people on your guest list, the higher your overall costs will be. The best way to cut costs is to cut your guest list. If you absolutely can’t cut anyone from the guest list (I wholly support inviting all the people you love to witness your commitment on the big day) there are other ways we can save but not as easily or dramatically. But it can be done; with my help, it won’t be so hard.


The second question is: what three things are you most excited about for the wedding? These three things are the parts that you look forward to the most. Those three things are going to get special attention when we outline the line item budget. If we have to make cuts to the budget these three things will not be considered. Consider what these three things will be very carefully.